Gov. Brian Sandoval, Rep. Chris Van Hollen endorse Clinton in 2016

Van Hollens endorsement will help Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brian Sanderson and Democratic Reps.

Chris van Hollen and Chris Van Zandt, who are both running for their seats in the U.S. House.

The endorsement comes amid the national media spotlight on Sanderson’s handling of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Sanderson, a former federal prosecutor and a state prosecutor, said he plans to seek reelection to his 3rd District seat this fall.

Van Holles endorsement will give him a boost in a state where he has a solid chance to win re-election.

In a statement to The Hill, Van Holls campaign said the endorsement is a sign that Van Hollers message of bipartisanship and a strong record of achievement resonates with voters.

“Brian Sanderson has made his mark on our state and he will continue to do so,” the statement said.

He has a proven record of helping Virginia and the country get back on track.” “

His strong leadership and leadership skills are invaluable to the next generation of Virginians.

He has a proven record of helping Virginia and the country get back on track.”

Van Hollins announcement comes on the heels of former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

The former first lady said she is backing Clinton in the general election because she believes her experience, character and ability to lead will help her to the White House.

Power is a former U-N.

special envoy for global women’s rights.

Sandoval has faced criticism from some of his own party over his handling of Sandy Hook.

Earlier this month, Sandoval told a group of Democratic lawmakers that he did not want to have any negative comments about President Donald Trump.

In his statement, Sanderson said he wants to focus on issues that are important to the people he serves, and he wants people to know that he will support the agenda of the American people.

Sandeson, who was first elected in 2000, has led the Democratic Governors Association since 2007.

The group is made up of Democrats and independents who have served governorships and state legislatures in states across the country.

The governor also serves as chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

The state party has not yet announced its endorsement of a candidate.

In addition to Sanderson at the DNC, the group also endorsed Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, who has been an independent for most of his political career.

He was the first Republican to serve as Virginia’s governor since George Allen in 1974.