Why I’ve decided to retire

In a city of nearly 4 million people, there is only one golf course in a community of 1.2 million.

That’s where I play, and that’s where my family plays.

The only thing missing is a place for me to retire, and the answer was nowhere near this place.

It was in the middle of a lake in a town of about 400, and I didn’t even know it existed.

That was where my roots are.

When I was a little boy, my parents would visit me at home and tell me about my favorite courses.

In those days, you didn’t need to know a lot about golf to enjoy them, so it was kind of exciting to discover what was out there.

Now, the game is so different.

There are so many options, and so many courses.

That can make for a great vacation.

When we were playing golf, it was a lot more fun and we had to think about what to do with the time we spent together.

But now that I am retired, I don’t want to miss that.

I want to be part of something special.

This is the only place I know of where I can play, watch golf, see all the courses I have played in and enjoy the time I spent with my family.

In the last 10 years, I have enjoyed a lot of golf and have played at several great places.

I love playing at Augusta National, and when I play here, I’m so glad I was born in Augusta, Ga., because I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

I know some people will be surprised to learn that the first golf course I played was at Augusta.

It is in an old cemetery.

The first thing you notice when you drive up to the entrance is the big black iron gate, which is a very large gate.

When you drive into the grounds, you notice there are many cemeteries and it has a pretty wide, circular lawn.

The golf course was built in 1926 by the New England Golf Club and it was used by a few local families until the late 1970s.

Then, the city of Boston, Massachusetts, decided to build a course on a site that was already part of the city and opened it up to golfers.

They built a course that has become a major attraction, including the Memorial Golf Club.

Golf is something that really lives in the heart of every person, so to be able to enjoy a place where you can play is really great.

I am so thankful that I played golf in Augusta.

When my dad came to Augusta for his wedding, he brought his kids, his grandson, and a few friends.

He loved the course.

The course has such great views and the golf course is located right on the beach, so people can enjoy that.

When he played, his friends and I were in the car and I remember driving through the woods and seeing the greens.

They had been planted in the early 1970s by the golfers, and it’s a nice place to play and have a good time.

The next day, we drove down to the golf courses to see them.

The most important thing is that you can enjoy the scenery.

The green has the feel of an old-growth forest and the woods are a bit older.

You can see the blue sky and the water and it really is beautiful.

You see the fairways are really deep and they’re quite challenging.

They’re like golf courses.

The fairways have to be well-fenced because the water can get in.

But when you get there, you get the view of all the golfing fields, including Augusta National.

I think that the golf club was built by the people who were here in the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s and they made the course what it is today.

It has been so important for me, the community and for Augusta to have that course.

I can tell you that I’m really proud of that course because the people that played here have had a very good time there.

There was a time when Augusta wasn’t a big golf destination, and then the city decided to open it up for golfers and the courses are really popular.

We’ve had a lot families come here, and we’ve had great golfers come here.

Golfers are just so important in this community, and there are so few places where golfers can play.

When people come here for the weekend, they usually play with their families, so you can always see that.

Golf courses are just one of the reasons why Augusta is a great place to live.

It’s a place that is full of great places to live and enjoy.

I hope that you enjoy visiting Augusta National Park.

It may be a long drive, but you can see that you are in a great part of America and you can make it to the other side of the country and see all of the golf sites.

You could have a