Why the map you’re looking at is a mistake

A map is just a collection of lines, but when the coordinates you’re pointing at don’t match up exactly, you’re not seeing them properly.

It can be hard to tell where you’re actually looking because you can’t see exactly where the lines intersect.

This is what happens when you look at a golf course.

But sometimes, when you zoom in, you can see that a piece of the landscape has been erased.

To see if you’re seeing something you’re really not, look for the blue lines to the right of a golf club.

This could be a new hole, a new course, or a hidden secret.

The blue line could be your club, or you could be seeing it from an elevation above you.

It might be a trick of the light.

And if you find a golf hole with a blue line, you may have just found a hidden treasure.

This was the subject of a recent video documentary called Inside the Golf World.

Watch the video: Golf Course Gone, or Hidden Treasure The video was filmed at the Golf Course of the Americas in Phoenix, Arizona, by photographer Brian Bouchard.

Bouchart says he was looking for an overlooked hole that he had missed, and stumbled across the hidden treasure when he was walking through the grounds of the golf course when he spotted a blue diamond line.

The hole was a small hole, and Bouchar said the hole he was filming was about 50 yards (31 metres) long.

Boupard says the blue line was on the other side of the blue diamond, but the golf hole was too far to see, so he decided to keep walking.

When Bouchards eyes came back up, the blue diamonds were all in the same spot on the same blue diamond.

That means they were all there.

Bouches discoveries came about because he and a colleague were playing a round of golf, and noticed that the holes on the fairway were all facing the same way, so it made sense that they would all have the same hole.

That’s the same thing that happened when Bouchars wife discovered a hidden map.

The red lines are the right-hand blue diamonds and the blue bars are the dots that line the golf holes.

Bunchard told New Scientist that he found a treasure when a friend was playing in a local club.

“I noticed that there were red lines that were on the right side of a green golf hole and blue lines that are on the left side of one green golf course,” he said.

“And I looked for the dots and found a little hole in a little valley and there were blue lines.”

Bouch was also surprised by the lack of a yellow line.

“There was a red line but it was not in the middle of the green green green,” he explained.

“So I think it’s a little odd that the blue dots were not there and that it’s not in one of the red lines.”

It turns out that you can find hidden treasure with a little bit of digging.

In this case, the clue is hidden in plain sight.

“We actually found this little hole that is in a valley and we found the blue dot in the valley,” he told New Science.

“But the hole is so far away from the green golf club that it was hard to find.

And we found a new blue diamond that we didn’t know about.”

A lot of the hidden treasures are small.

The Golf Course Went is a short film about a local woman who stumbled upon a hidden gem.

It’s a simple plot, with a few golf holes and a blue dot.

“This was just a little spot of land that we all agreed was not that big of a hole and that we were going to have a fun little little adventure,” Bouch said.

Boudreau also told New Statesman that it can take a lot of digging to find hidden gems.

“A lot of it is the work that’s going on to figure out what that gem was,” she said.

The golf hole that Boudreaux found was hidden in a deep ravine.

The next hole he found was a very similar-looking hole, but this one was actually a few hundred yards (miles) away.

Broussard says that he spent hours searching for the treasure and discovered a couple of hidden gems in the process.

“In the end, we discovered a diamond in the ravine that was actually really big,” he added.

“It was a huge one.”

A hidden treasure is a treasure in a different place.

The real treasure is usually hidden in the shape of a gem, but sometimes you’ll find hidden treasures in the form of a rock.

A rock is a stone that has been hardened and polished to a certain level.

The shape of the stone changes depending on the weather.

Sometimes the shape changes, but other times the shape is exactly the same.

If the shape matches the shape on the outside of the