Why Trump’s campaign says he is going to jail

Trump’s first days in office have been a nightmare for anyone who believes that a presidency can be a one-term president.

So much so that the president and his supporters are going to try to make it as one-time as possible.

Trump’s team is warning that he will spend more time in jail than any president in history.

But what is it about Trump’s presidency that makes him the kind of person who will spend the next two years in jail?

Is there a simple explanation for why this man is so dangerous and dangerous for America?

Here are the ten biggest things Trump has done to get his way:1.

The travel ban The travel banning executive order was first signed by Trump in January.

But the executive order has now been suspended and put on hold while the courts consider the case of Hawaii’s case against the administration.

The executive order sparked a massive backlash from civil rights groups and business groups.

After that, the Trump administration was forced to backtrack on the travel ban and rescinded it.2.

The health care bill Republicans have been trying to pass since Trump’s inauguration.

The House passed a health care overhaul bill in May.

It was supposed to be a victory for the GOP, but the Senate passed its version, which the Trump team quickly pulled.

Republicans are now trying to bring that bill back to the House floor, and it’s unclear whether they will be able to get enough support for the bill.3.

The budget The budget is Trump’s crown jewel.

Trump has repeatedly promised to cut spending.

He has not done so.

He says he would like to cut taxes, but he has not actually proposed to do that.

Instead, he has said that he wants to “bring back the middle class,” but it is unclear how that would be accomplished.

Trump says that he is willing to spend more on infrastructure and education, but there is no evidence to support this claim.4.

The Iran deal Republicans have said they are willing to cut a deal with Iran.

But they have not done it yet.

They have not even released a draft of their negotiating strategy, which is expected to contain some of the elements that have been outlined in the agreement with Iran’s supreme leader, Khamenei.

The Senate has already approved the framework for the Iran deal, and Trump is expected, under pressure from the Senate, to make good on that deal.5.

The Obamacare replacement bill Democrats and Republicans have both been working on a health insurance bill since the end of the year.

Republicans have yet to release a final draft of the bill, but a draft leaked last week said that it would replace the Affordable Care Act with “something very, very good.”

This is a very good bill, according to the draft, but Democrats are not going to give it a vote until after the midterm elections.6.

The Mexico wall The border wall Trump promised would be built is still being built.

And it has been.

But it’s not finished yet.

The wall has been criticized by some and praised by others.

But there is one problem: the money for the wall has not been paid for yet.

Republicans and Democrats have been negotiating for months on how to pay for the project, and they are still nowhere close to an agreement.7.

The trade deal with China Trump has been working with Xi Jinping to get a free trade deal.

But he has yet to deliver on any of his promises.

In fact, Trump has only managed to make one major trade agreement with China, which was the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

This trade deal was supposed be a major win for Trump, but it has not yet passed.8.

The tax cuts The tax bill is supposed to give everyone a tax cut.

But that’s not going into effect yet.

And Trump has not released any major tax plan, either.

There are some big differences between the GOP tax plan and Trump’s tax plan.

One is the size of the tax cuts, which would be a huge boon for the rich, but would not be enough to get the rich to pay any of their fair share of taxes.

The other is the level of deductions, which will be huge for the wealthy, but will not be sufficient to offset the tax breaks they receive.9.

The Supreme Court fight Democrats and Trump are trying to work out a way to make the court system more democratic.

The fight is expected in the Supreme Court in the coming weeks, and the Trump campaign has been pushing the idea that it will be a very favorable decision for the Trump White House.10.

The Russia probe The Trump administration has been investigating the Trump presidential campaign’s ties to Russia for months.

The investigation has been very much a distraction for Trump as he tries to put together his administration, and he has used the investigation to push his agenda, even going so far as to say that he believes that the Russia investigation is a “witch hunt.”