Edgewood Golf Course in Michigan opens for the summer

Edgewoood Golf Club in Michigan has just opened for the first of three consecutive summer seasons, bringing the annual season to a close.

The resort is a partnership between Michigan Golf Course Management and the Edgewox Golf Club, and offers golfers the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the Hills Country on a two-and-a-half day course. 

“Our goal is to provide golfers with a challenging and enjoyable experience while supporting the communities of Edgewowes golf course and its surrounding communities,” Edgewoads Executive Director Tom Kieffer said. 

The Edgewwood golf courses have been the subject of controversy for a number of years.

The resort has long been criticized for its lack of maintenance, with a number complaints ranging from broken tee boxes to a recent fire that destroyed part of the clubhouse. 

Kieffer says the new resort will be a great addition to the community, especially in the wake of the recent flood in the area.

“Our plan is to maintain and expand the golf course to ensure it remains an ideal location for golfers to enjoy the beautiful Hills Country,” he said.

“We hope to add an additional six courses to the Edgware, including two on private land.” 

The resort will offer the following courses: