Obama’s pet obstacle course makes it easier for kids to play on CNN

President Barack Obama will soon announce a new obstacle course for children to play in as part of his push to make America’s schools more interactive.

The president plans to host a press conference in the White House Wednesday afternoon, where he will outline his plan to expand the reach of the interactive learning initiative, according to The Hill.

The new challenge will be called Pet Emotional Learning and will include more than 60 new puzzles, challenges and games.

The Hill reports that Obama will also introduce a new educational game called Emotional Emotions, which will be available as a free download on his iPad app.

“As part of our goal to build a more interactive learning experience, we will be introducing a new game called PetEmotionalLearning.

The app is a fun, playful way for kids and parents to play together and explore new ways to engage their children and teach them about their emotions,” Obama said in a statement.

“I am proud to say this new game is part of a new effort by the President and I believe it will be a game-changer for our children and the nation’s future.” 

Obama has been known to offer special incentives to parents in his efforts to promote online learning.

In February, he announced a $1,000 reward for teachers who teach online classes in schools that are eligible for federal funding.

The program, which is called the Teacher Opportunity Program, has been a popular topic of conversation in recent weeks, as Obama has sought to encourage more online education to improve the lives of American children. 

“Today is another important day in our efforts to help our kids learn online.

Today is also an important day to celebrate the role teachers play in our classrooms and to encourage others to join the effort,” Obama told the nation during his State of the Union address on February 4.

“This is a chance to build the future we all want for our kids, and this is a time to show our appreciation for teachers across our country who keep their classroom doors open.”