When Australia’s golf course goes ‘out of the water’

Posted November 04, 2018 06:21:53The Alhambra Golf Course has closed its doors after a decade-long battle with a series of earthquakes.

The facility, built in 1972, has been home to a host of events for the local community and also attracted the nation’s best golfers and tennis players to the area.

But in 2016, the area’s earthquake threat increased dramatically and was linked to a series a major earthquakes off the coast of NSW.

“We have been forced to close the Alhambras golf course as we cannot continue to deal with the ongoing seismic threat,” said Alhambram Golf Course CEO Steve Staggs.

“While the Almanacks is now in a stable condition, we are continuing to deal directly with the seismic threat and our customers are still being provided with accommodation, which is the last resort of any business.”

It is understood the Almans are seeking to raise $1 million to help rebuild the facility.

Almanacks resident and local golf pro Steve Stadum said the venue had been in the news recently for not being built as quickly as planned, a decision that has angered residents.

“The golf course has always been in a good place.

It has been a great venue, it was really well built, and we just have been working really hard to get it back on track,” he said.”

It is a real shame because the Alamands has been the golf course that people really love to play and we love the community and it has been really great for our community.”

Mr Stagg is one of many residents upset about the decision.

“I feel sorry for the residents.

They are very disappointed,” he told News.au.”

What’s really upsetting about this is that the Government hasn’t put in place a process that would allow us to build the new golf course in a more timely manner.”

There is no reason to do this now, it’s been a real mess.

“Mr Saggs said the company had been able to pay for an emergency fund to build a replacement for the course and was looking to raise money to do the same for the community.”

Our first priority is to rebuild the course,” he added.”

But we also have a long-term strategic plan that is looking at the viability of a long term golf course.

“This is our last resort.”

A $100 million plan to rebuild Alhambad Golf Course in 2020The Almanack’s golf courses have a history dating back to the 19th century, but are now in need of extensive upgrades and are now being investigated for potential new developments.

The $100-million plan is being undertaken by the NSW Government and the Almack Golf Course Association (AGCA).

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