How to win the 2018 Indian Grand Prix

A tournament featuring the world’s best golfers will be held in the state of Gujarat in 2019.

The event, dubbed the Indian Grand Championship, will be staged in the coastal state of Ahmedabad.

The country’s most successful golfer Anil Kumble will take on the defending champion Pangaea Shah, and Indian superstar Shahnawaz Nabi will take part in a semi-final match against South African Phil Mickelson. 

The winner will take home the trophy, worth around $40,000, and the runner-up will get $20,000.

The tournament has attracted a number of players from across the world, including US Open champion Dustin Johnson, and Australia’s Brad Gilbert, who was part of the squad at the 2016 Australian Open. 

“It is the largest and most prestigious event in the country, and is expected to generate millions of dollars for Gujarat,” Gujarat Tourism Minister Rajesh Kumar said in a statement.

“The Indian Grand Champion Trophy is an extremely important trophy that can help us attract the best golf players in the world.” 

The event will be organised by Gujarat Tourism, which has an office in Ahmedabad, and was launched in the wake of the 2018 floods.