How to make an amazing Maui golf course meal using just three ingredients

This week we’re cooking up a meal to go with a few of our Maui courses.

If you’re a fan of fancy cuisine then you’ll enjoy our menu of Maui-style dishes, such as a fried chicken salad or coconut coconut pancakes.

But if you’re just looking to add a little more flavour and texture to your meal, this recipe for Maui meal is a great way to start.

If your favourite course doesn’t have any courses to choose from, then there’s a recipe for you!

We’ve added two courses from Maui Golf Course to our list, both of which are delicious!

Maui food and drink is an old tradition in Hawaii, so we think it’s great to make a simple meal that combines traditional ingredients with modern innovation.

The recipe for our dish was inspired by our favourite Maui course.

Maui cuisine is all about the flavours, and this recipe has everything you need to make this dish your own.

The key to this meal is the sweet potato starch.

We use a sweet potato for the base, but any type of sweet potato will work.

To make this gluten-free, simply substitute the sweet potatoes for regular potatoes, or use a potato masher.

You can also try using gluten-containing foods, such a rice cake, or couscous.

And if you want to try out our other Maui meals, then make sure to check out our Mauis of the Week list!

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