How to find your next career at Yale

Find out how to choose your next job in the field you love, with a course that takes you from a car mechanic to a designer.

A career path in architecture, interior design, art, film, architecture, music, or other art-related fields is listed in this guide.

We recommend starting with the most basic architecture degree.

If you’re already an architect or designer, this guide will give you some basics, while covering all of the details you need to know to get your foot in the door.


Get a Masters in Architecture 2.

Make the leap to the Arts 3.

Design an event 4.

Work at a company that focuses on the arts 5.

Get into a company specializing in architecture 6.

Apply for a job in your chosen field 7.

Make friends and work at different places 8.

Learn the ropes of a design studio 9.

Learn about how to develop a design portfolio 10.

Find a mentor or professional friend 11.

Learn how to work with a client 12.

Make your design portfolio available to a client 13.

Find your next client 14.

Make a living out of your work 15.

Take a class with a mentor 16.

Start a new job at your chosen company 17.

Take on a job that requires experience or expertise 18.

Apply to a job with a new employer 19.

Learn more about the arts 21.

Learn a new language 22.

Learn another language 23.

Learn to write an essay 24.

Work on a creative project 25.

Become a mentor 26.

Become involved with your community 27.

Volunteer 28.

Be involved with an organization 29.

Volunteer at an animal shelter 30.

Become part of a community service organization 31.

Become an artist or musician 32.

Make an impact on a local or national issue 33.

Become active in a community organization 34.

Make art and create something unique 35.

Create a video project 36.

Volunteer to help someone who is disabled 37.

Be a part of an environmental education program 38.

Make one-of-a-kind products 39.

Make something beautiful to help your community 40.

Become certified in a specific craft 41.

Become engaged in a cause 42.

Volunteer with an arts club 43.

Become interested in an area of study 44.

Learn an aspect of history or culture 45.

Learn something about an animal, environment, or community 46.

Learn English as a second language 47.

Volunteer in a project to help a person in need 48.

Volunteer on a national or international project 49.

Become aware of the history of an issue or cause 50.

Become more involved in an organization 51.

Become knowledgeable about the community’s needs 52.

Become inspired by the power of design 53.

Become the ultimate designer 54.

Become passionate about your passion for design 55.

Become known for your work 56.

Learn from the work of others in your field 57.

Become creative in your work 58.

Become something special 59.

Learn new skills 60.

Find ways to support local arts organizations 61.

Learn design skills 62.

Participate in community service activities 63.

Become actively involved in a local community center 64.

Become informed about a national issue 65.

Become motivated by an important issue 66.

Learn art or craft related to your chosen area 67.

Volunteer or become involved with a community nonprofit organization 68.

Volunteer for an arts group 69.

Volunteer as an intern 70.

Learn programming, design, or art in your community 71.

Volunteer your time for a local organization 72.

Participates in an arts festival 73.

Volunteer the night before an art festival 74.

Volunteer during a charity event 75.

Become responsible for an event for someone with special needs 76.

Volunteer within a group of people 77.

Volunteer under your own direction 78.

Become skilled at a skill you’ve never worked before 79.

Volunteer outside of your area 80.

Volunteer when your community is under stress 81.

Become familiar with the basics of a new technology 82.

Become enthusiastic about a brand you’ve seen on TV 83.

Learn basic Photoshop skills 84.

Take part in an art exhibit 85.

Participating in an outdoor dance performance 86.

Become educated about a hobby you have passion for 87.

Participated in an event in your local community 88.

Participator in a social event 89.

Volunteer outdoors 90.

Participative in a dance competition 91.

Participater in an athletic competition 92.

Participatory in an exhibition 93.

Participant in a game tournament 94.

Participational in a concert event 95.

Participatethime in a street dance contest 96.

Participatemathime in an educational event 97.

Participatoin a performance at a local theater 98.

Participation at an art show 99.

Participatin at a musical performance 100.

Participatiing in an exercise class 101.

Participing in a film festival 102.

Participatenating in a museum exhibition 103.

Participatorship in an international cultural festival 104.

Participantship in a theater performance 105.

Participatic at an arts or crafts festival 106.

Participationship in