The Hunter Safety Course and the Hunter Search

The Hunter Course and Hunter Search is a course for hunters that explores the fundamentals of hunting and the skills needed to hunt successfully.

The course covers everything from basic hunting skills, to the techniques of long range spotting, to tracking animals, to how to use the equipment on your gun.

The information is divided into three parts, covering everything from hunting the game, to identifying the animal, and how to get your target.

The courses material is well structured and clear, with lots of photos, videos, and audio material to help you get a sense of the basics of hunting. 

Included in the Hunter Course are a range of books, maps, and practical tips, all designed to help hunters learn more about their skills and to help them learn to better hunt.

The Hunter Search, on the other hand, is designed for hunters who want to learn to hunt in an interactive, hands-on way. 

You can find the Hunter Safety course and the Hunting Search online in the Google search results below: