Hunting safety courses in New South Wales

New South Australia’s hunting safety courses have become popular with visitors to the state’s rural areas.

Key points:The state’s outdoor shooting course at Nels Pembroke in South West has attracted more than 200,000 visitors to dateThis is a good example of how the industry can be successful, says NSW Tourism Industry Association chief executive, Greg McCollSource: NSW Tourism Infrastructure AssociationThe Hunter Safety Course is located on a reserve in South Wales.

The courses are held on a 2,400-hectare plot of land owned by the state government, which has a hunting licence.

The NSW Tourism Institute said the courses were a good option for people who were coming to the country for the first time, or those who wanted to see how they were prepared for bushfire season.

The course is set to open to the public next year and the NSW Tourism Council estimates the total budget is about $1 million.

“It’s an area of the state where there are a lot of rural people and there are very few people coming to visit, and so this course is a really good option,” Mr McColl said.

“People who are coming here for the weekend, they’re going to want to get in.”

There’s a lot to learn, there’s a good range of courses, and a lot more to do in South Australia than you might be able to find in a national park.

“The Hunter Education Institute is another course operator who has had success with its courses.

The Hunter Schools’ Hunter Safety Training Course is set in rural north Queensland.

The organisation says more than 3,000 people have visited the course since its opening in October, including about 200 visitors who were part of the NSW Hunters Education Network.”

I think that the Hunter Safety courses, especially with the number of people that are coming to New South