Why a golf course in rural Newfoundland is being closed after a deadly wildfire

A golf course at the base of a forested mountain has been closed after the death of a teenager and an apparent wildfire sparked by a lightning strike.

The golf course was closed Monday due to the loss of power and the threat of fire, but was reopened Tuesday, the Newfoundland and Labrador Conservation Authority said.

The power went out on the mountain on Tuesday afternoon and the authority said firefighters are still trying to get back into the area.

The mountain is just a few kilometres from the northernmost town in the town of Whitsunday, about 20 kilometres from Port Coquitlam, where the teenager died.

In the past, there have been no reports of injuries.

In January 2017, an elderly woman died after being struck by lightning while she was out on a golf outing.

The woman, who has been in her 80s, was walking along the mountain with her grandson and their dogs when lightning struck.

Her grandson was riding a horse and died of his injuries.

It is unclear if the lightning struck the golf course.

The agency said the golf club was closed for the day, but is expected to reopen Wednesday.

It also said that since its inception, the golf facility has been a safe place for people to enjoy golf.