Golf course catalog is coming to Apple and Amazon: ‘I’d like to see the game become more of a social experience’

The golf course catalog from Golf Course, which is part of Apple’s iBooks store, will soon arrive in the new Apple TV app, the company confirmed Wednesday.

The catalogs website is part a partnership between the company and Coursera, the online college education service.

Courseras catalogs will be available through the new app, which launches later this year.

Coursers catalog will be “available in multiple languages,” Apple said in a statement.

“We have partnered with CourserĂ  to bring you the very best courses from around the world.

Courses include courses from all the world’s leading universities and professional golfers, and will also include courses designed by professional golf instructors.

Courseers courses will include a wide variety of courses designed to teach and improve golf.”

The catalogs site will be built into the new iBooks app.

The site includes courses and courses by professional and amateur golfers.

Coursses and courses are currently offered through

The new website will not be available on Apple’s iPad or iPod touch apps, which are still available through Apple’s website.

The company said the new site will “fully integrate the new iPad and iPod touch operating systems with the app experience.”

“As the number of students and golfers continues to grow, we believe the catalogs that you see on our app are the best resource for learning about all of the courses that you will be able to access, and we think this will bring the content to a wider audience,” Coursher said.

“The new site allows you to access courses from the golf courses that are on the platform, and also will include courses that may not be accessible through the Golf Course catalog.

The content will be accessible to students of all ages, as well as those with disabilities, so that anyone can access this content.”

The site will also be available to anyone who has an iPhone 6 or newer, a new iPad or iPhone 5c or newer and is an iPad Pro or newer.