What we know about the Nike LeBron James Nike Dunk Contest

On a cool fall morning in 2019, Nike’s LeBron James Dunk Contest will take place at Applewood Golf Course in Lakewood, Florida.

It will be a brand new Nike shoe competition with an emphasis on performance and style.

The Nike LeBron KD Dunk Contest is scheduled to begin in late September, just weeks after the Nike Kobe Bryant LeBron KD Contest.

The Dunk Contest, a two-week competition, will be held in conjunction with the Nike Kia NBA Basketball All-Star game, which kicks off at 5 p.m.


The winner will earn $100,000 in cash and merchandise.

There will be four stages of the Dunk Contest.

Stage 1 is designed for people who like to walk around the course with their shoes on, while Stage 2 is designed to be fun for kids and young adults, while the third and final stage will be for kids ages 12-15.

You can learn more about the Dunk Challenge and the Nike KD Dunk contest by watching our exclusive live coverage below.