Maryland golf courses, golf courses in Delaware are ‘a step backwards’

A new report from the Maryland Golf Course Association says golf courses are “not the safest place to play golf” and that more needs to be done to reduce the risks associated with them.

It says many courses are at risk of closure because of the amount of construction, lack of maintenance and limited access to amenities.

“There’s really no place to go when you’re walking through a golf course,” said Katie O’Malley, president of the Maryland golf course association.

“It’s not just a hole in the ground, it’s a place that has been a place of entertainment and that is very important to a lot of people.”

O’Malleys report said the number of courses with a rating of “C” or “D” has dropped from 18 to just six.

O’Mahleys office was unable to say if those six courses are in Maryland or other states.

The report also found that Maryland has the lowest number of certified golf courses of any state.

The Maryland Golf Association says a number of reasons for the decrease have been attributed to the closures and the construction of golf courses that were built before the Affordable Care Act went into effect in 2015.

“The Affordable Care and Golf Bill of Rights were implemented and we are seeing a lot more people taking care of the roads and the parks and all of those things,” said O’Morley.

“That’s really going to impact the accessibility of our courses.

We need to do a better job with those.”

Omar Rachid, the president of The North End Golf Club in Maryland, said he thinks the lack of infrastructure is a bigger problem.

“We don’t have enough people to run the courses, and we need to get people running those courses,” said Rachis, who has owned The North Estates Course for 10 years.

The Northest course has an average of 2,000 to 3,000 players per week, and many players come from out of town.

“I have the lowest percentage of people who play here,” said Darrin Treadway, a member of The South Estates Golf Club.

“Most of my members come from the Northeast.

There’s not a lot in the state of Maryland that is like this.”

The report comes just months after Maryland enacted a bill requiring golf courses to provide more amenities and upgrades to meet federal requirements.

The legislation requires courses to have a minimum of three restrooms, an outdoor court, an off-leash area and a large green area, among other requirements.

But many courses don’t meet the federal requirements, according to the report.

Maryland was one of the states that didn’t adopt the requirements for the Affordable Healthcare Act.

The state had already adopted some of the requirements, including a requirement that golf courses have at least six paved yards and an indoor course for every course.

But the new bill would require golf courses and their owners to have those facilities installed by 2022.

“Some of the projects we’ve seen are not being built in a way that meets the requirements,” said Chris Purdy, the executive director of the U.S. Golf Association, which represents many of the courses that are at higher risk of closing.

“In some cases, you’ve got facilities that are not meeting the federal standards.

We’ve seen that with some of our projects.”

Purdy said the association will continue to work with the Maryland state government to find solutions for the state.

He said the issue will need to be addressed in the coming months.

“Hopefully, the legislation will get passed in the legislature,” said Purdy.

“If we can find a solution that doesn’t make our facilities unsafe, it will be an improvement to the game of golf.”

The Maryland golf association has launched a website to educate golfers on their responsibilities in order to improve their golf experience.