Ironwood Golf Course to close after two decades

An ironwood course in the county’s north is to close amid claims of an increase in the number of visitors to the area.

The Irish Examiner has learned that the golf course at Glencoyne has closed for the summer after more than two decades in business.

It is understood that a number of local businesses and individuals have been involved in the business for more than a decade.

They are now considering what will happen with the property, which was opened in the 1960s.

Golf course manager Paul Kelly said: “The business was going on for 20 years and has been in operation for over a century.”

There has been no change to the golf courses schedule, as we were the last to open in the early 1990s.

“The business, which has a membership of more than 300 people, had been running in the area since the early 1960s and was run by the club’s former president, Tom McBride.

The business has been operating in the same building for almost 40 years.

Mr Kelly said he was not aware of any other issues with the business.

He added: “We are not considering any other options at this time.”

Golf is an Irish tradition and we are proud of that, he said.

It’s a fantastic place to play, but there has been an increase of visitors and we’ve had some people who are coming in from outside the country.

Mr McBride said the business was still very popular with local golfers.”

The club is a very well known name in the north of Ireland, but people from outside are coming to play golf here and there’s been a lot of tourists coming in over the years,” he said, adding that he was concerned about the impact the closure might have on the local economy.

Glorious days, gloomy daysA spokesman for Northern Ireland’s Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, Michael McGrath, said that while the company was a local one, they were not the only one to suffer.

He said: “”There has also been an influx of foreign tourists in recent years and a reduction in the amount of business and visitor numbers in the town.”

This has also caused a significant loss of employment opportunities for local people in the region.

“Gloriously days, dismal days and even times of extreme weather are no longer an option for this golf course.”

Tourism is a key part of the economy in Northern Ireland and it is a fantastic time for people to come and enjoy the outdoors.

“As a result, I would like to remind visitors to Northern Ireland that there are a number which offer tours, courses and activities which can be booked through their websites.”

He added that the Government would continue to support tourism and support local businesses by providing additional tax breaks to them.