How to take a wild horse golf course

Dog obstacles like these are a thing of beauty, but some of the best golf courses are also animal habitats, especially in places like the Rockies.

A dog obstacle in the mountains of Colorado, for instance.

But while some of these courses are a bit more extreme than others, they all have one thing in common: they’re wild and wild animals live there.

A wild dog in the Rockies, after all, is a wild animal.

They’re not wild animals who have never been put to sleep by a human.

Wild animals live in wild places, just like dogs do.

But unlike dogs, wild horses are actually part of our wild heritage.

They were once hunted for their meat, but today, we hunt them for sport.

They are wild animals, and yet we are so used to them living in our homes that we treat them as though they’re just another member of our family.

For most of human history, wild animals have lived on the edge of civilization, but we have also domesticated them, which has allowed us to take them and train them for a job that’s much easier to do for us than it is for them.

In fact, domestication has allowed humans to turn the wild wild into our most precious asset: wild horses.

We can’t put them to sleep in the woods or in the park, but that’s OK.

They just need a place to rest.

Wild horses, on the other hand, are wild and they need a lot of attention.

And wild horses have been domesticated to be so.

They don’t need a yard, a yard and a pasture.

They have no predators or predators of any kind.

They live in a world of predators.

Their wildness is something that we should all be proud of.

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