What golf courses have opened and closed in 2017?

Golf courses are a great way to spend a weekend in Canada.

There are more than 40,000 courses across Canada, making them the second-largest leisure activity after the NHL.

But just how many of those are open to the public?

To find out, Golf Canada asked Golf Canada staff to put together this list of the best golf courses in Canada that are open for public use.

The results are below.1.

Golf Canada’s Top 10 Golf Courses in Canada1.

The Pinnacle Golf Course in Hamilton, Ontario (9,000)2.

The Ballys Castle Golf Course, North Bay, Canada (9)3.

The Royal Lakes Golf Course at Lachine, Quebec (8)4.

The New River Golf Course and Golf Club, Toronto (7)5.

Golf Centre in Calgary, Alberta (6)6.

The Laval Golf Course & Resort, Saint John, New Brunswick (5)7.

The Dufferin Golf Course (Quebec) (4)8.

The Deer Lake Golf Course near Laval, Ontario and Acadia National Park, Maine (4.5)9.

The Horseshoe Hills Golf Course , Quebec (4), Golf Canada says that the Horsashoe Hills is the highest rated golf course in Canada, with a score of 4,200.10.

The Old Port Golf Course is the second highest rated course in Quebec (with a score 4,100)11.

The Rosemount Golf Course on Cape Breton Island is the oldest golf course (1790) and is now the third oldest golf resort in Canada (1793).12.

The Saulteaux Golf Course offers the best quality of life in Canada with a rating of 3,700.13.

The Rancourt Golf Club is located on a small island on the island of Quebec.

It’s home to the French Canadian National Golf Association, which plays regular tournaments in the island’s golf course, which is rated 4,400.14.

The Cour du Mont-Royal is the smallest of the six golf courses on the Brier Islands.

It is located in the St-Laurent, Quebec area, and has a score 3,400 and offers a relaxing setting for family gatherings and recreational activities.15.

The Golf Course du Port in Port Charles, Quebec has a rating 5,800.16.

The Glenmore Golf Club in Halifax, Nova Scotia is rated at 4,700 and is located right next to the Halifax Harbour.17.

The Kewinway Golf Club on the Isle of Man has a 2,800 rating.18.

The Park Golf Club at Pembroke, Ontario has a 1,800 score and is a perfect example of a Canadian resort that is popular with golfers from around the world.19.

The Parc Golf Club of Halifax, which has a 5,600 rating, is also a Canadian favourite.20.

The Côte de la Sainte-Marie in the Saint-François, Quebec, area has a 6,000 rating, making it one of the most popular golf courses across the province.21.

The Augusta Golf Course has a 3,500 score and sits right next door to the St. Laurent Golf Course.22.

The Taunton Golf Club has a 4,000 score, and sits on a large island just north of Halifax.23.

The Bluff Creek Golf Course also has a very low rating of 2,400, which makes it one the best-rated golf courses west of the Rockies.24.

The Port Credit Golf Course of St. John’s, New York, has a high rating of 4 and has become one of golf’s premier venues for family events.25.

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Golf Club boasts a 4.2 rating and is one of only four courses in the world to have more than 10,000 members and has hosted the U.S. Open since 1997.26.

The St. George Golf Club sits on an island just east of Toronto, and is home to Canada’s Canadian Amateur Golf Association.27.

The Mount Royal Golf Course sits in British Columbia, and the best part of this beautiful course is the water.

It has a water rating of 7,000 and is the only course on the West Coast to have a water score of 7200.28.

The Whistler Golf Club offers the most spectacular views in Canada on an area known as the Whistling Straits, which separates the North Shore of Vancouver from the East Coast of British Columbia.29.

The Woodland Park Golf Course off the coast of Quebec offers a 4K rating, which includes a water and sand course that features a par-3 layout, with the only hole to the left of the green being the par-5 hole.30.

The Gogues Golf Course boasts a water, sand and water rating and has been voted as the top golf course on British Columbia by Golf Canada.31.