What to expect when you’re playing golf at a new venue

Brentwood Golf Course is currently offering a number of new courses.

This week, the community is welcoming a new course to the fold, which will feature a miniature golf course and an off-site golf course.

The new course will be called the Brentwood Country Club, and it is slated to open in August 2018.

The course features two holes of play, a golf course tee, a mini golf course with tee pads, and a tee-and-pitch tee-off.

The courses course is a popular option for those who are looking for a little bit of extra golf fun, as it offers three holes of up to five holes, and the course can be played indoors or out.

The site will be open daily from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., and can be accessed by calling the golf course’s toll-free number (866-386-2377) or via its website.

There is no golf course tour available for this course.

Brentwood also announced that they will be opening their website to the public, with the website coming to a close on August 4. 

The Brentwood course will feature three holes per week of play with three different golf courses.

The mini golf and the tee-pitched tee-offs are the only holes on the site.

The smaller holes on this course will provide more opportunities for smaller players to get their shots in before the big ones, but the big holes will still be played.

The Brentwood golf club is located in Brentwood, North Carolina, about 25 miles north of Charlotte, and can also be found at various golf courses in the region.

It is open daily, except for Sunday evenings, but can be reached by phone at (919) 687-5678.