‘Golf is more fun when we don’t have to wait’: ‘Gone in a flash’

A week before the end of his term, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the Indian Golf Association had a “big announcement” to make: the government would make the world’s biggest and most ambitious golf course, located in Mehsana, open for recreational golf in 2019.

The announcement came amid the worst weather to hit India in years, with the capital city of New Delhi and other cities seeing heavy rains and severe wind gusts.

A large part of the city, including Mehsan, was flooded, with many streets closed for the first time in a year.

As a result, many tourists, mostly from the US, Canada and Australia, went to the city to play.

And as the weather turned worse, the Indian government decided to take the next step: it had set up a special task force to build a golf course in Meghna.

To build the course, Modi, in his capacity as minister of environment and environment-friendly development, announced that the government was creating a new ministry for golf.

He also announced that he would create a ministry for sustainable development of the game, specifically focused on golf.

The new ministry will also create a golf tournament, a golf-related ministry, a sport ministry and a sports department.

Modi said that this ministry would work to increase the number of golf courses in India and promote their participation in sport.

He also said that India was going to increase its golf participation by 50 percent by 2020 and hoped to increase it by 150 percent by 2022.

The government said the goal would be to reach 80 percent of the country’s population by 2022, but there were some reservations about that goal.

The first golf course to open in IndiaThe Mehsanian Golf Course was first announced in February 2017, and the Indian Government initially promised to build the golf course by 2019.

But the government soon scaled back that deadline.

The last date for completion was December 2019.

The golf course is expected to open by 2021, and Modi said the government had already spent about $5 billion to make it happen.

The government had also announced in November 2017 that the Indian Open would be held in 2020 in Meghanangarh, a town near Mehsani.

But it was not until February this year that the golf event was finally held.

Meghanangari Golf Club and Mehsian Golf Course (Photo: Gopinath Munde)The Meghananga Golf Club was supposed to open on April 1, but it was delayed by the storm.

It was originally supposed to be the first golf tournament to be held for the Indian people, but Modi decided to hold the event for the international community.

He said that while the Meghanan Golf Club has been a success, there was still a lot of work to be done.

He said that he hoped to make the Mehsanic Golf Course even better, and that it will be open by 2020.

He added that India had already invested a total of $3 billion in improving the Meghnan Golf Course and the Meeshan Golf Course.

Mehsankar Minister of Development Suresh Kumar said the new government was going after all the major projects, including the golf courses.

“This is an opportunity for the country to make good use of our money, and this is a big announcement for the people,” he told CNN-IBN.