Which golf courses are the best in Hawaii?

I know there are some great golf courses in Hawaii.

But the best is a little harder to find, and it’s the Legend Golf Course on Springhill Golf Course.

The Legend Golf Club has been around for over 100 years, but was built in 1927, just before the Hawaiian economy took a downturn.

The legendary course is also home to some of the most famous golf holes in the world.

Here are the top ten.1.

Legend Golf Resort on Springharth golf course.

Springharths top tee has a shot straight into the water.

A few feet down is a 3-iron.2.

Legend golf course on the island of Maui.

Maui is home to one of the oldest golf courses on the west coast, the Maui Golf Club.3.

Legend Gardens on Oahu.

This is a popular course on O’ahu, with a 6-iron, the legendary Legend Golf.4.

Legend Ranch on Kauai.

Legend was founded in 1874 by Jack Loomis, and his son, the late Sam, took over in 1949.

This course is one of only four golf courses built in Hawaii during the Great Maui flood.5.

Legend, Legend Ranch and Legend Golf on Oʻahu.

Legends newest and greatest hole, the Legend Ranch, is the top of the range, and has a beautiful, 2-iron bunker shot.6.

Legend course on Maui, Hawaii.

The biggest hole on O Kauai is the legendary, Legend Golf course.

The course is just south of the Kahala Visitor Center and is home of the Mauhi golf course that dominates the area.

It’s a classic hole with some great views, and there are also many great water holes to explore.7.

Legend Resort on Mauili Islands.

The famous Legend golf area is the largest and most exclusive golf course in Hawaii, and is one that you can visit with your family for days.

The 3-and-3/4-iron hole is a short, but long hole.8.

Legend Garden on O Molokai.

This spectacular green is just west of Kahala and features the famous 3-hole Kahala Golf Course, with its own par-5 green.9.

Legend ranch on Kauaʻi.

The golf course is a favorite among visitors, and features some of Hawaii’s most famous holes, including the iconic Legend Ranch.10.

Legend Green on Kauāmoku.

The top of this green features the most iconic golf hole in Hawaii: the Legend Green.

The 6-foot-wide hole features a 3/4 tee, a great shot, and a beautiful sunrise.