When Chicago golf courses reopen after two years of shutdown

When Chicago Golf Courses reopened in late February, many were hopeful that they would draw more golfers to the city, where the city has long been a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

The courses had closed for several months after a string of storms shut down golf courses in the region.

The closures, which were ordered after a wave of mudslides killed one golfer and injured many more, have been in place since March of this year, when the city received a request from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to close the facilities.

Since the shutdown, the Chicago area has been inundated with visitors to the area.

But now, with the courses open, it seems that Chicago’s golf courses have been able to make their mark again.

The city’s golf course infrastructure was severely damaged by the storms, with nearly half of the courses being damaged or destroyed, and many courses were unable to maintain their course status, according to the Chicago Golf Course Association.

The Chicago Golf Club Association said that after the storms had been contained, the city’s public access to the courses was greatly improved, but they were still in need of extensive rehabilitation.

In addition to the golf courses, the City of Chicago opened a temporary facility to house the Chicago Public Library’s digital data centers.

The temporary facility, called the Chicago Library Data Center, will be used to house and manage data from the Chicago Police Department, the Department of Public Health, and other city agencies, according the Chicago Department of Aviation.

The buildings will be accessible for use by the public, but the Chicago Board of Education and the Chicago County Clerk’s Office are not yet sure when they will be able to use the facility, according.

Chicago has had to make difficult decisions about its public access facilities.

In recent months, the county has closed more than 40 percent of its parks, schools, and community centers, including the city parks.

The city also closed several beaches, lakes, and golf courses due to the storm damage.

The mayor’s office told CNN that the mayor’s goal was to reopen the parks in the spring and the city will keep the parks open through summer, with a number of community groups and groups that provide community outreach also providing support for the public access system.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the city would continue to work with community groups, such as the Chicago Parks and Recreation Department, to help reopen the public parks.

“We are going to keep doing everything we can to get the parks back to a state of normalcy,” Emanuel said.