Golf courses that never get closed

Golf courses are a bit like the classic movies.

They never get shut down.

But that’s just because you never want to open the gates.

You just want to stay open.

A new survey from reveals the 10 most popular golf courses in the US.

The survey was conducted by in partnership with GolfCenter, which collects and analyzes data about golf courses.

The top 10 most visited golf courses are: 1.

The Pebble Beach Country Club in Pebble Beach, Florida 2.

Lake Golf Club in Lake Charles, Louisiana 3.

The PGA Championship in Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida 4.

The Augusta National Golf Club at Augusta National, Georgia 5.

The Bridgestone Invitational in Charlotte, North Carolina 6.

The Dell Technologies PGA Tour Championship in Dickson, South Carolina 7.

The Golf Classic at Doral, Florida 8.

The Barclays PGA National Championship in London, England 9.

The Cadillac Championship at St. Andrews, Scotland 10.

The Glenbrook Open in Glenbrook, Illinois