Golf course to close at the end of 2018

The owners of a golf course in Quebec will close it at the beginning of the year, citing a lack of demand for the sport in Canada.

The Golf Club du Québec announced Monday it would close at its current location in the Montreal suburb of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, which is just west of the French Riviera.

The course’s owners say it’s been a tough year for the industry, with a downturn in golf tournaments and a spike in visitor numbers, both of which have made the course difficult to operate.

The closure, which will be announced Wednesday, is a first for the golf course.

It’s the first of a number of closures planned over the next year in the wake of a wave of closures across the industry this year.

It comes as the industry tries to find ways to stay afloat, and the industry is grappling with the economic fallout of the election of Donald Trump.

In 2017, the course’s final day was the last day of the season, when there was a temporary ban on golf tournaments.

But the new U.S. president Donald Trump has made golf a cornerstone of his presidential campaign, and many in the industry say the closure won’t be the last.

“We know we’re going to lose some money, because we’re not going to have the golf tournaments that we used to have,” said Mario Trasande, president of the course, which includes a golf tournament, two indoor golf courses, a water park and a spa.

“And we are very much aware that the industry has a very low profile, and that we will lose some of our revenue.”

He said the company had to make a tough decision on the golf business, which was in good shape but was not attracting the type of investment the industry needs to compete in a globalized world.

The company’s annual revenue in 2017 was about $8 million.

In 2018, the French-Canadian Tourism Development Corporation (CFDT), a nonprofit association, awarded the French government $30 million to expand the site to include an indoor golf course and a waterpark.

Trasandre said CFDT had been able to reach agreements with several other venues around the country to open golf facilities, including the Parc de la Concorde.

The CFDT is hoping to open the two indoor courses this year, but is currently considering the possibility of building an outdoor golf course, according to Trasane.

He said the new location would also be a great place to host a golf charity tournament for children.

The Quebec government’s economic development minister, Pierre Poilievre, has said that while the golf industry has suffered in the last few years, he believes the industry will be stronger under the Trump administration.

He’s also said that the federal government will provide assistance to local governments to keep the businesses open.

Trump won the U.P. election in November, promising to bring back jobs and bring back business and tourism.

Since then, Trump has promised to reduce regulations on the industry.

He has said he wants to open a golf resort in the U,N.

headquarters in New York, and has also promised to build a golf facility in the United Kingdom.

A spokeswoman for Trasabe said the golf resort will remain open.