How you can help Kapaluana plantation students survive in the heat

The climate is changing and Kapalia plantation is facing extreme heat.

In recent weeks, many students have been forced to leave school.

The plantation has been declared a closed area due to high risk of dehydration.

The Department of Education (DOE) is currently investigating the cause of the incident.

The students are currently staying with their families until the end of the semester.

What you can do to help?

There is an ongoing effort to evacuate students from Kapaloa plantation.

The State Government is currently working on a plan to evacuate the students.

The Kapalian people of Kapalua have been evacuated by helicopter from the Kapalua island and are currently waiting to be flown to the mainland.

The Ministry of Social Welfare and Development has also provided assistance in the form of clothing, shoes and medical supplies.

There are currently two shelters for students.

A temporary shelter is being set up at the Kapalea Village at Tukumu at the end the month.

Students are advised to get some extra water from the village well and to bring some blankets to keep them warm.

It is expected that the students will be able to continue with their studies this week.

If you are aware of any students who may need assistance, you can contact the Department of Social Services or the Department for Education and Training.

What can you do to support the Kepaluanas?

The Kepalian people are not isolated from the world.

They live in harmony with their environment and the people around them.

The school is a place of learning for all the students and is important to the community.

They have the ability to make a difference for the future of their communities.

Support the Kipaluas and help them protect the land.

Please join us in supporting the Kipsana and Kipalais, and ensure that Kipalia students can enjoy a safe and dignified education.