What You Should Know About Python 3 Course in the Philippines

We all know that Python 3 is an increasingly popular programming language for web developers, and a new course from Philippine company Cogent aims to provide an introduction to the language and the underlying principles behind it. 

The course, titled Python 3: The Definitive Guide, offers an introduction by CogENT’s founder and president, Dr. Jose Miguel Cogert, as well as the course’s many components: a brief description of the Python programming language; a set of tools for working with Python objects; and examples of how to use the language. 

For those unfamiliar with Python, Coget’s course will take you through a tutorial on the fundamentals of programming, including objects, classes, and other concepts that are central to the Python ecosystem.

 There are some things that seem to be pretty standard Python 2.7 stuff, like a set up and a basic set of utilities.

However, the Cogents course offers a little more depth to the fundamentals: you’ll learn about object-oriented programming (OOP), data structures, data types, object references, and more. 

It’s a good thing that Cogient is making the course available to the general public in the first place.

The company has been working on a new, Python 3-based course since 2013, but the initial release was limited to a few universities.

Cogent’s course is available for free, and the company hopes to make it more widely available as a paid subscription.

The company will continue to add Python 3 courses to its online platform, so the new course may not be as popular as some of its Python 2-based offerings. 

You can get your hands on the course by going to the Cointech website, and subscribing for a $4.99 per month plan.

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