The latest news on golf courses and the Trump administration

The Associated Press reported Monday that the Trump White House is reviewing an executive order that would require new golf courses to make their courses more environmentally friendly, and to offer better access to water.

The White House said in a statement Monday that “we are reviewing an environmental impact statement that the president issued in September, which was not included in the Executive Order.”

The Environmental Protection Agency will be reviewing the EPA’s initial environmental impact report, which will not be completed until early next year.

The president has said that he would be open to a review of the EPA order if it was released.

The Associated News also reported that the White House will review an executive rule requiring states to set aside 20 percent of their lands for recreation.

The EPA is considering setting aside 50 percent of national forests and 75 percent of wilderness areas for recreation, the AP reported.

The agency is considering creating an online database that would identify recreation areas, and states could apply to have their recreational lands designated as “wilderness areas.”

It’s unclear how much time is needed to review the Trump order before it can be finalized.

In September, Trump said he would allow states to opt out of the rule if they wanted, according to the AP.

But a few days later, he said he was “not going to allow” them to opt-out of it.

Trump has also said that “you have to have it in there, otherwise it’s going to be a disaster.”