Bill Maher: A boat is a boat

HBO host Bill Maher said Sunday that boats are not safe and that people should not try to swim in them.

Maher’s comments were the latest in a series of controversial comments he has made in the past year, including about the need to build more boats, a desire to build “a wall” between the United States and Mexico and a desire for more gun control.

Maher told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he would like to build a boat out of wood, not a boat made of glass.

“A boat is not a safe vessel,” Maher said.

“The fact is that boats don’t have a lifeboat, and they are dangerous.

And the thing is, people get killed, and if they get killed they don’t go home, because you don’t get to go home.

So they are a boat.

And I just think people should be very careful.””

I would say to people, ‘You can’t get on that boat, you can’t go into the water, you have to be very cautious,” Maher continued.

“And I would say you should go with your gut.

And if you don and you don, you’re gonna die.

And that’s just the way it is.”

Maher also said that the United Kingdom should have a new generation of police officers and said that “the world is better off without cops.”

Mahesays comments come after the deaths of two American tourists in a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya on Saturday.

The ship capsized after hitting a reef.

The two men were from San Diego, Calif.

A third American man was on board the ship.

The Associated Press reports that the crew of the Carnival Triumph, which was heading from Italy to Spain, managed to escape the sinking vessel after the collision.

The cruise line has been in talks with authorities in Libya about the crash.

The Costa Concordia ship capsizes after hitting rocks off the Libyan coast, killing all but one crew member.

(Photo: Reuters)Maher, who was a vocal supporter of the Iraq War, said Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press that he was “proud to be part of the Bush administration” during the war.

“I was a supporter of that war,” Maher told host Chuck Todd.

“I support the war that the Bush Administration was fighting and that’s the war we were fighting.

I was on the ‘Wahoos team’ for that war.”

He said that after the war ended, he left the U.S. military, went into private life and became a social activist.

Maher was in the midst of a presidential campaign in which he called President Obama a “disgrace.”

Maher has repeatedly clashed with the president, and in 2015 he was among a group of celebrities who protested outside the White House to call on the president to stop his drone killings of suspected terrorists.