Arizona Golf Course Catalog – Arie & Associates, Inc.

by Arie’s Auctions, Inc., a New York based auction house specializing in the sale of rare, collectible and vintage collectibles, is selling its Arizona golf courses catalog.This catalog will be available for purchase through Arie, Inc.’s online catalog service.“We are very pleased to offer this Arizona Golf course catalog to the public for the first […]

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What we know about the University of Pennsylvania’s first two semesters of quantum computing

An announcement that the University at Buffalo will be enrolling its first quantum-computing students on campus has sparked speculation about how the first semester will be structured.The University at Bills announced Wednesday that it will enroll students in two quantum-based courses, in the first of which will be offered in fall 2018.This marks the first […]

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What we know so far about the trade that sent Mark Streit to Minnesota, a list of players that were part of the deal and what to expect next year?

The Minnesota Wild have had an interesting offseason, but that hasn’t stopped the team from making a few moves.The Wild are making a major splash with the trade of Mark Streits contract, but it’s a pretty big deal.The Strikers had just won the Stanley Cup, and Streit was the centerpiece of that team.He’s had a […]

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What we know about the Nike LeBron James Nike Dunk Contest

On a cool fall morning in 2019, Nike’s LeBron James Dunk Contest will take place at Applewood Golf Course in Lakewood, Florida.It will be a brand new Nike shoe competition with an emphasis on performance and style.The Nike LeBron KD Dunk Contest is scheduled to begin in late September, just weeks after the Nike Kobe […]

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Which is the best mini golf course in Ireland?

Course explorers, mini golfers and golfers can’t wait for the 2019 season to kick off.Course owners are keen to add more courses and courses are in a constant rush to add new courses.Some courses have already been built and are waiting for the green light.Read more

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