An Article by Sabyasachi Ghosh, Media Content Writer…..

With more than two hundred and fifty million speakers around the world the language has a glorious past in literature, art,drama,music, movie, sports and in every aspect of reel and real life. Bengalees have a strong history in traditional art, culture and literature. Not only that in modern art, literature , science and technology Bengalees are not step behind in comparison with any race. Bengalee literature and folks have been entertaining people for thousands of years. Bengalee film industry produced unique and innovative movies and characters which acclaimed world recognition and admiration. But rapid commercialization of art and culture, literature and movies not only degrade the quality of creations but also decrease the past glamour and glory. But still good books are written, sweet melodies are made, classic movies are born by Bengalees but they are not populated and circulated around the world for lack of communication.

The Bengali Cine Club is like bridge to make a communion between a Bengalee and Bengali art and culture, between Bengalee readers and writers, between Bengali movie watchers around the world and reputed selective bengalee movies of the era. The bengalee people in abroad watch films of Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood but can not find the taste of Class Bengalee movies like Gupee Gaiyn Bhagha Baiyn, Hirok Razar Deshe, Pather Panchali, Mrigaya, Bomkesh Boxi ect. The Bengali Cine Club is now a platform of Bengali movie productions and also for movie seekers to meet at a point to quench their thirst of quality classic new born bengalee movies. The Bengali Cine Club in association with Bongoz started its walk in 2016 by screening the most acclaimed bengalee film Zulfiqar in a Sydney theatre in Australia. From a single screening we never looked back and continuously bringing in bengalee movies in all five major states in Australia.

The Vision is so clear as day light. Though the distance between us is too great but we are living under the same sky and our love no one can steal , no one can buy. The Sky is the limit. Bengalees are eighth in the world so far as the number of people who speak the language from morn to night. But a gap is grown between Bengalees and Bengali art and culture. The vision is to uplift and upheld classic bengali art, literature, or movies into the arena of international market and unit bengalee readers or movie watchers around the world so that the glorious past in art ,culture, literature and film production can be revived with national and internationally recognition.

The Bengali Cine Club is introducing a universal appeal to all Bengali culture lovers or movie watchers to connect with eachother residing every corner around the world so that a communion is made for the union of bengalee creations and productions in the field of art and culture all over the world. The mission is to unit the both to spread art, culture and tradition into all nations with true spirit of Bengalee heart, passion and emotion.

It is not that Bengalees are lacking behind in writing good piece of literature, making sweet note of melodies or producing classic films in comparison with other international creations all over the world. But for lack of communion and gap of union most acclaimed bengalee literature or films also remain hidden from bengalee maniacs around the world. The goal is to create a global appeal and awareness for bengalee art, culture, literature and movies through bookfair, filmfair or screening bengalee films into theatres around the world. The journey has already been started in Australia and the day is not far when the appeal and trial will become universal.

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