Two foreigners were seen opposite of a bus Stop with a placard written the name of their destination town showing to the vehicles passing by. One local man neared them in curiosity and probably informed the guys about the bus stand where buses of all directions stop for passengers. But they refused to choose bus for their journey. I along with my friend had gone there to ask if there was any trouble. Dewid and Dominik described how they came from Polland in Delhi and have been travelling for six months by lift only and after visiting a number of historical places and hill stations now they are going to north eastern state Assam. From there they will go Arunachal, Meghalay and finally will go to Mayanmar and then Thailand to catch the final flight to return to the native country again.

Dewid and Dominik both are Mechanical Engineers passed out from same college and have a strong passion to travel all over the world. In this connection I want to mention two of my friends of Europe whom I met last year. Their target was same but they preferred bi-cycle instead of lift and another european friend Russel who was more energetic and travelled many countries of Assia by walking.

The purpose of all these well settled guys is same to travel, to conquer, to visit , to see the unseen, to know the unknown. The purpose of this article is to define life. We do not know how we can be satisfied. The problem with us is not our inability , but the problem is our fear to step forward. We want to quench our thirst but we do not know what will quench our thirst. Some of us run for money fame or popularity and after reaching the limit we find lack of satisfaction because of leisure and laziness as there is no work, no goal or target left for us in front of our vision.

We spend our whole life in cheerful crowd but can not cheer up life for inner loneliness of miscalculation. We mix up speculation and calculation thus can not enjoy the taste of life. We want peace, happiness in life but run after money, wealth and fame and this become our daily life from morn to night. To overcome all these grivences we have to be fearless and adventurous.

To enjoy the taste of life we have to throw all our anxities. All our tension, depression come from greed and in search of power and wealth which have no limit at all. But if we spend time in variety, we deginitely can achieve peace of mind and satisfaction because variety is the spice of life and has no shape at all.


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