*Does old-age matters?? How Homoeopathy Can Help??*

Dr. Abhijit Dutta
B.H.M.S.(Hons.), Gold Medalist
M.D. (PGT) in National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata (Govt. of India)

There are basically three age groups in the population, the child and adolescent (upto 15yrs of age), the young and adult age group (16-60yrs of age) and the older age group (more than 60yrs of age). Among this age groups the first and last, that is child and adolescent and older age group are called dependent population. Several forms of diseases and disorders can occur in those age group which may potentially harm the productivity of the population. The important fallacy is that the population less than 15yrs of age actually gets potential attention from various sources like parents, teachers, friends, family members, social workers, medical professionals etc. but when the person grows old he gradually becomes very alone and develops several kind of medical and psychological issues that are given very less concern.

The psychological problems occur in the old-age more not due to stress but due to isolation, underactive attitudes, social separation etc. that’s why depression is the most common thing in old-age which is termed as geriatric depression. 

If we really focus on certain medical problems with which they suffer then the list becomes really large. But usually Prostatic hypertrophy, Sleep problems, Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Osteo-arthritis, Spondylo-arthropathies, Urinary problems, Cardiovascular diseases, cancer are very frequently encountered in clinical practice.
The important problem for geriatric disorders is that they seek medical treatment at the late stage of any disease because of their unpardonable laxity and less concern of the society, when the treatment becomes very difficult to perform.
For the maintenance of geriatric health, lifestyle maintenance is very important because most of the diseases are originated from sedentary habit of life. Among them diet and exercise is having immense role. The general rule for diet and exercise varies from person to person according to their constitutional pattern. And among exercises running and certain forms of yoga are proven very efficacious.

In Homoeopathy several researches has been carried out regarding various geriatric disorders and found to be very effective in certain number of diseases. In Osteo-arthritis cases, Initial stage of Hypertension and diabetes when the patient has not started taking Anti-hypertensive Drugs or Oral hypoglycaemic agents, Benign prostatic hyperplasia, different kind of tremors (Neurological in origin), Depression, Anxiety, Sleep problems (Specially in Insomnia), there are effective homoeopathic management.
Several researches are also going on in West Bengal, Especially in Mahesh Bhattacharyya Homoeopathic Medical College &Hospital, Midnapore Homoeopathic Medical College &Hospital and The Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College &Hospital, regarding the management of Geriatric Depression in Homoeopathy. A research trial is also going on In National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata (Govt. of India), on Post- Stroke Hemiparesis (Paralysis or Weakness of One side of the body with or without involving face after stroke) in significant amount of patients, and milder form of Heart failure. Apart from this, above mentioned hospitals there is D.N De Homoeopathic Medical College &Hospital which together serving more than three thousand patients per day on average and arbitrarily more that 30% of those are of geriatric age group.
Till now the research evidences and clinical experience shows a significant amount of improvement and palliation of geriatric or old-age related disorders through Homoeopathic Treatment. Some times very advance stage of pathology or very exceptional cases may require adjuvant conventional treatment but more often those diseases are tackled and improved by Homoeopathic drugs which are safe or relatively having very less, often manageable adverse drug reaction. Every time it is advisable that people should concern treatment as soon as they feel any kind of uneasiness as because it may be a warning sign of any disease. With this the older population will get benefitted and can contribute more to the society, for the humanity.


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