Hunting safety courses in New South Wales

New South Australia’s hunting safety courses have become popular with visitors to the state’s rural areas.Key points:The state’s outdoor shooting course at Nels Pembroke in South West has attracted more than 200,000 visitors to dateThis is a good example of how the industry can be successful, says NSW Tourism Industry Association chief executive, Greg McCollSource: […]

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How to make the most of the summer in Colorado

Golf courses are great places to take your kids and family to, but they’re also perfect for a quick, weekend getaway.You don’t need to build the course to enjoy the day, but you do need to plan out a couple of weekend events and get the kids and families together in one place.Here’s what you’ll […]

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How do you deal with blackhawk fans?

In an effort to address the problem of blackhawk players getting involved in protests, the Arizona Diamondbacks have released a statement on its website that reads in part: “The Arizona Diamondback baseball team has an unwavering commitment to free speech and free association.We do not condone, support, condone, condone any actions or words of others.The […]

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How to play golf with a puppy

By James HugginsThe dog of the family has come to be known as the ‘Dog Whisperer’, but now, a new breed of puppy can help you learn how to play the game better.Pet owners are using a ‘tactical dog’ to teach the youngsters about the game, and one of the most common challenges that dog […]

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How to write a golf course review

A review for an amusement park is a common task for any golf course reviewer.But for the first time, the USGA has added golf courses to its list of venues it is looking for feedback.The golf course reviews are meant to give golfers and visitors the information they need to make their own decision about […]

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Why the Daytona Road Course is a must-see event in the fall

By John GeddesThe Daytona International Speedway (DMS) is no longer the home of motorsports.It is now a destination.For the past six years, the Daytona 500 has been held in Daytona, Florida.This year it will be held in Martinsville, Florida, home of the Daytona Motor Speedway.The Daytona 500, which has been a staple of the racing […]

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