NATION CAPITAL CURRENCY Afghanistan Kabul Afghani Albania Tirana Lek Algeria Algiers Dinar Argentina Buenos Aires Peso Austria Vienna Euro Azerbaijan Baku Manat Bahrain Manama Dinar Bangladesh Dhaka Taka Belgium Brussels Euro Bhutan Thimphu Ngultrum Bulgaria Sofia Lev Cameroon Yaounde CFA Frank Canada Ottawa Canadian dollar Chaina Bejing Renminbi,Yuan Croatia Zagreb Kuna Cyprus Nicosia Euro Czech […]


-:IMPORTANT PHRASAL VERBS:- Important phrasal verbs 1.Abide by- obey 2.Act upon- effect 3.Act on- take action 4.Break into- enter by force 5.Break out- spread suddenly 6.Break down- collapse 7.Break up- split, separate 8.Bear with- tolerate 9.Bring up- rear 10.Bring out- publish 11.Cut down- reduce, decrease 12.Carry on- continue. 13.Carry out- Obey 14.Call in- summon 15.Call […]


::Important days of January:: Date Importance 1st January New Year’s day, Global Family day, World day of peace. 2nd January National science fiction day (US) 4th January World Braille day. 6th January World day for war orphans, National Technology day. 7th January Orthodox Christmas Day. 8th January African National Congress Foundation Day. 9th January Pravasi […]